30.03.2004 - Malaysia GP: First!
Before the race I was pretty unconfident. I came in the server a bit shaking. I'm a bit surprised because I'm used to be nervous in qual and not in the race. This time it was the contrary. Also when I begun my first lap in practice online I was not able to manage a lap under the 1:34. That was pretty annoying. I had to do 10 laps to see my speed back, and manage some good times, like 1:33,5. In the same time Roy was doing 1:33,2 in only 3 laps =/

After the restart of the server, I was more confident, and really impatient to race. Then the start came really quickly though, but I was more cold than I'm used to be, and more nervous. I was singing so I was impatient. Just before the start, I told me that I had to be very prudent, and if I kept on like this, I would have gone to the fence at the first turn lol.
Hopefully I didn't started before the 5 red lights switched off. Hopefully I did a good start, deleting the launch control at 80 km/h. Hopefully I hold the inside line of the first turn. I knew Roy was much quicker than me, and didn't attempt any attack on him. I did my first two laps very nervous, and when I saw Roy at 3 seconds in front of me, and Gareth at 4 second behind me, the nervousity went off progressively and I begun to get times under 1:34. Roy wasn't able to lead me 1 second by lap anymore, but only 5 tenths. At the 10th lap, I saw Roy (with a best lap of 1:32,7) entering the pits, which brought me to the lead. I tried to be careful on the car in these last laps, because I knew I was able to do very good laps (like 1:33,1), and if I started to attack I would have taken the risk to not finnish the race. At lap 14 I pitted. All was going well, and I started to believe I could manage the second place, behind Roy. At the lap out of pits, I saw Roy in problems at the second turn and I passed him a bit later. I was first then and almost sure to finnish ahead of Roy if I didn't commit any mistake. From this moment till the end the race was very cool for me. In the second stint, just at the end, without attacking, I did a 1:33,1 which is my best lap of the race. This is of course really enjoying ! Beeing very prudent with Lazsbo I managed to finnish the race. At the very end lap I was never using the brakes (or just a little bit), and never switching on the lights about rpm on my wheel. Though this race was easier to win for me, my win is of course really enjoying !!!

I'm really happy with the motivation of the team at the moment. I have to say you all do a great work and this lead us to the victory ! That's really, really impressive how you work professionaly guys (and now woman). I'm also greatly satisfied that Christian managed to be on the podium, and almost managed a 1-2 for the team !

Now I want to dedicate my win to all my friends, who are supporting me at all my FSR races. These friends are all in a french championship : http://www.pilotesf1.com. We are meeting in the middle of the France every year, doing lan races, volley, swimming-pool etc... They are more than opponents, they are my friends ! I have to say also that without them, I wouldn't be anything at this moment, and it is thanks to them that I can take part to this championship, keep all my concentration, and be always as motivated ! They always have great words for me. I would like to dedicate this win to them, and the (eventually) next wins I may have.

I really thank you !!! Really, really, really

Yannick Lapchin for Hernj Grand Prix Press