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Yannick Lapchin retires
We won't say goodbye (3/12/2004 09:34)

Read this first!: "This article contains some weird and scary pictures. These pictures aren't ment for kids and watching at it could cause you dizyness."

Today Yannick Lapchin and Hernj Grand Prix make it official that Yannick won't be driving in the championship next season. Both the driver and the team are very sad, but it is unavoidable.

Yannick Lapchin said: "
The time has arrived to tell you that I won't driving for the team next year. I won't drive any race sim. My studies are asking me more and more time, and where I will go next year doesn't allow me to do an hobby. I must stop everything (handball and karting I think). I will miss FSR, I will miss you, really. I will try to help you as setup sender or technical helper next season and during the winter.

I would like to thank Roald : You gave me the possibility to fight for the title in one of the best simracing league of the world. Christian was a fabulous team mate, who was always giving impressions of his tests and races, his setups were great. Test-drivers also were great guys for their constant help (I think here especially to Dejan Stankovic, Andy von Gerard and Brian Labode). Of course I don't forget guys who were less present but sometimes very helpful.
But it's not counting that you have become (virtual) friends!

I want to say a big THANK YOU for everything you brought to me, as much fun as friendness as professionalism."

Members from Hernj Grand Prix, father Didier Lapchin and family Lyon said some nice words to Yannick:

Didier 'Dad' Lapchin: "Thanx a lot for this nice season with the best drivers in the World, Yan... Did they know that their opponent looks like this ???" -------------------------------------------------------------->

Team-Owner Giuliano Hernandez: "Thanks a lot for all your work done in Hernj Grand Prix and thanks a lot for your professionality. I just want tell you this, you were the best Driver who we had in the last 4 year and I am disappointed about your departure, but I fully respect  your decision. I hope to see you again in the sim world, with us.......and I wish you all the best in your future."

Team-Manager Roald Reurink: "sad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gif .... this has been my mood over the last few weeks in SimRacing. This is the saddest day of my years in SimRacing. I still know that you joined the team as test-driver...you got a chance to drive because Mathieu Prevot couldn't race. I want to thank you SO much for your loyalty and all the other things you did!! You had a chance to leave the team last season, but you stayed....You have grown as person and as driver. You have become my best online friend and I will really miss you sad.gif.....The FSR loses a great driver and person....Good luck in the future!!  Can't tell you how I feel right now......sad.gif


Team-Mate Christian Neumann:
Sad, sad, sad sad.gifsad.gifsad.gif You made me crying boy...You were a great team-mate and I will miss you! Good luck with school and your future!

Technical Director Trayan Sarafov: "Je pense que tu comprend tres clair combien triste je suis.....But we're still a very good 'team' and we will keep our conversations till midnight in the future, won't we Yan? :)  Don't want to tell you 'goodbye', 'cause we won't say each other 'goodbye' now....." 

Team-Mate Dejan Stankovic: "I was kind of shocked when I saw this message... But still I think we all new that you had a lot of work to do besides simracing. Personally I feel sad about this. It feels like HernjGP runs out of "air". First AndyVG and now Yan (Both veterans) sad.gif . But you have to do what is best for you. Still I think we all should be glad that you will still be around. Of course I understand that we have a life besides SimRacing and I fully understand the decissions that are made."

Team-Mate Brian Labode: "Yan is been a pleasure driving in the same team as you and you are stunning quick. Thx for all the times you helped me out with setups & advice.
You have made the right decision in focusing on your exams. Once that is out of the way you can come back & race for Hernj again. rFactor will be the No1 race sim then.
I hope you keep in touch with us every now & then."

Team-Mate Arjen van Alphen: "Hmmm, i will miss his imput on setups and his setups the most.I also think it is sad to lose a team member who was so important for the Hernj team. Nah come to think of it, who needs a education anyway, better stay here and race on. =P"

Randy and Joshua Lyon: "Yannick and I talked a lot on MSN since he started in the WC. I was always impressed at his approach to racing and his attitude. Its common for a driver to settle for a certain result when things don't go as planned, but Yannick gave 100% no matter what happened. Yannick is also good at adjusting his strategy when conditions change; he is one of the best I have seen in sim-racing at that. In that respect I think he is similar to Michael Schumacher. Both have gotten results for their teams that other drivers, even ones who are just as fast, would not have.

The World Championship will miss Yannick. He may not have won the FSR World Championship in his short time in it, but I think he has left a mark like pilots such as Gilles and Jean have in real F1.

I believe Yannick will do VERY well in "real" racing and wish him the best of luck.
You do have to be careful wagering with him though. I think he still owes me 1/10 Euro from a bet in June '03. LOL"

                                                 Cheers Our Friend

Roald Reurink