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» Man behind the 'Mask'
Under the Skin, with Yannick Lapchin (13/6/2004 13:39)

Tell us something about you, who are you?
Hello Roald, I'm Yannick Lapchin, driver for HernjGP.
I'm born in 1987, the 2nd of April (Yes I almost have been a joke :p), so I'm 17 years old. I live in Nice, France, near Monaco.

What do you do for a living?
In my life, I'm still a student, and I hope this will stay like that pretty longtime. I mean, I expect to go to an engineer school, if I manage good marks next year. I'm also going at driving school, and I hope in the next months I will be able to drive a car (with my parents, of course).

What are your favourite hobbies?
I consider FSR as a hobby, and it is one of my main hobbies. I spend around 3 hours a week (but it is pretty random, some weeks I don't drive at all, and some others I drive much more than 5 hours). I have an another hobby, which is for me more important than FSR, it is Karting (though when there is a FSR race, I don't drive kart). Hopelessly I don't drive any race because of the lack of money, I try to find sponsors for that. You can find a nice clip made by father here (it is 30Mbits large and 2 minutes long) : http://didierlapchin.nerim.net/Yandid/. You have to go to "Karting" at the bottom left of the page, then "Actualité", and finally right click / Save as... on "Le Clip". There is an another hobby, and it is Handball. In fact it's not the sport itself that I like the most (I like it though, much physical contacts and clearness on the collective play is needed), but it is that I meet friends, and keep a very good contact with them. I like also music, and sports in general.

Are you married? Do you have kids?
Heehee, you should know the answer, since I'm student and am only 17 years old.

If you could go back in history what would you change?
What I would change ??? hmmm, nothing ;-)) All is going well for me, just I would be more imaginative, and less shy (especially at phone and with girls). I must work on that.
RR: yeah, at the phone would be a good idea. Last time I called you were shocked and you didn't really speak ;)

What kind of music do you like and dislike?
About the music, I like about all kind of music, but I way prefer rock music. When I was younger, I was much listening hard rock bands, but more the time is spending, more I listen good rock bands like Radiohead, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Massive Attack, Placebo or Muse. Since my father is a very hard rocker like Ozzy Osbourne (hum, just kidding, but true sometimes heehee), I listen also groups like Porcupine Tree, or King Crimson. And sometimes some metal, Dream Theater.

If you could visit any other planet in the solar system, what would it be and why?
If I could visit a planet ??? The moon. Haha, no it's not a planet. Ok, Neptune then, because I really like his blue, or Mercure, because we would be very close to the sun to watch it (if it is possible) and because there are two sunrises in a row sometimes.

What is your favourite mod for F1C and what is your favourite thing of the FSR?
My favourite F1-C mod ? ETCC for sure. The very good thing in FSR is that we drive against the best drivers in the world (not all, but much).

How would you describe your driving style?
For me my driving style is normal heehee. Around me, it is said that my driving style is pretty cooled. Yes, I try to avoid blocking tyres as much as possible, and every violent steering. My driving style is much random, especially when I didn't drive for long time, I'm too much motivated, and commit mistakes because of violent driving. But naturally this goes out with kilometers.

What's the first thing you would do, if you were president of your country?
If I was president of my country, I would resign immediatly, figuring out that all my promises are impossible to hold. Serioulsy ;-)

Thank you Yannick for making some time for me to interview you. I know you are pretty bussy these days. Greets to your dad Didier! Who is very active alongside Yannick.

Roald Reurink