Malaysia Grand Prix 2003

Before the race Yannick Lapchin said:
“I think Joshua will be the fastest in Heat B. I will try to follow him. I think it will be difficult to have same times I've made in my practises, because there will be a lot of Drivers. I hope it will be a good race for me, and I'm really confident with the new settings, half rate and steering functionnality make the car more alive, like Michael said! I will do all my possible to get some little points for Hernj GP. If there aren't any collision ,I think I can be in the three or four first drivers in the Heat B.”

…the Result:
“My start was very careful, and let all drivers pass me. It was a very good strategy, because there were a lot of crashes in the first lap. After 2 laps, I was 5th, behind Benjamin and Gabriel. They ran pretty slow, and it took me seven others laps to pass them. In the 10th lap, I got the 2nd place passing Gareth, and at this moment, I discovered that I was 10 seconds behind Joshua. Then I could run freely and faster, and all along the race I followed Joshua about 10 seconds behind him. Thanks to all drivers under blue flag, they were really fair-play and nice. My final time is 1H29min16.083sec and my PB was
1 33 033.

I'm really satisfied with this race and my computer hadn't known any problem. I'm still waiting for the final results, and I hope I will get some points.

Thanks to Hernj GP for the help, the car was fabulous !”

We are not wrong when we compare Lapchin to Raikkonen. Both Drivers are cold enough to wait, study the antagonist and strike him in the right moment. The bad start of Lapchin show us his intelligence. Lapchin tasted in the air the Drivers’s nervousness, who want win the race in the first corner. His decision to let them pass give to him reason. The Team top management is satisfied with Lapchin’s result. He got the first podium, in his first official online race. Now we are still waiting for the final race position !

Yannick what happened with Gabriel Garivaldis of Flying Colours Int. Team ? He said that on lap 6 he was hit off the track by you:

"It's true I've hitten Gabriel Gerivaldis in the lap 6. In the turn one and two, I were just behind him, and I could pass him in the turn three. He ran inside the curve, and me outside. But he made a mistake with his brake and then he was outside. So I couldn't avoid his car and I've touched lightly his back. At this moment I was forced to run slowly during 1 second and Benjamin (who followed us during this moment) touched also me in my back. Maybe Benjamin could be a eyewitness in case of problem. I am sorry for this incident."

Hernj Grand Prix Press