England GP: Games's lags caused trouble to Yannick

Yannick Lapchin : We started with a free practice. Immediatly I had too much lag and too much difficulties to do a lap. Though I could get after 13 laps a 1:16,7, just behind Dom, which means I wasn't so bad, though the circumstances. Then we started for the qual. That was long to wait, because we started in the order : the best time of the free practice start in last, and the worse in first. I think if I qualled bad it was because of that, I was under the pressure and I couldn't manage a good lap. This is a problem that I must fix up soon. In the first sector, I did a mistake in

Becketts or just before, so I lost already around 5 tenths here, I could still hope for a 1:17,0. Then in the last sector, I went through the gravel. It was really annoying, because it made me do only a 1:21, so I had to start in the lasts. Finally I started 13th, thanks to penalities given to drivers in team which
have more than 2 drivers swapped. The rules are the rules. I was just in front of Mikael Koel =D !
We started, the lag was really important, and I had during the whole race less than 15 pict/sec. Pretty much mistakes in the first laps for the other drivers, and I could get the 11th place soon. I was fighting with Wayne during a long time but it was impossible to overtake him because of the
lag. When, after 2 or 3 laps he did also a mistake.

Then Gab. He has a pretty amazing behaviour when we are behind him and overtaking him, so it was pretty hard to overtake him. In the turn after
Priory (I don't remenber the name), he did a mistake too and went outside of the race line pretty much. I thought I could pass him, but he went slower (very much slower) and went inside the curve. I hitted him. I think it was impossible to avoid him and it is obvious that the accident happened in an accelerating zone, where Gab let the car slow down, instead of accelerate.
His rear wing didn't brake. He did a spin, and an another driver broke his rear wing. I made a drive through penality, so I respected the rules.

At this moment I understood that I had to change my strategy, because the car is pretty cool with the fuel, I could stop 3 laps later than I should,
and got enough fuel to go to the lap 44. So I could do a 2 pit stops strategy.


I think it was the best thing to do, because I couldn't overtake on the track, but only with a better strategy, skipping a pit-stop. I was as fast to follow the other drivers, and I passed a lot of drivers like that, Michael, Markus, Sebastien, Matteo, Benny. After this annoying start, 5th is not so bad. I want to thank all my team, and also Soren for the work we did together.

About the game now : Many many lags, especially when the drivers are in the pits. Maybe it is better to forbid the Hi-qual for technicians. Perhaps we have to down the main graphics in our own computers. We were only 17 competitors. On the same server, with 22 drivers, it will be impossible to drive, if we don't fix up some (or many) problems.

A last word for Riis, it has been very nice to work with you mate.

Hernj Grand Prix Press