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06.09.2004 - Hungary GP: Yannick 2nd position !!

Before the race I did some practice. Something started bad in those practice because my wheel wasn't flatting out anymore (only 90%, that's huge disavantage, so I had 15 km/h less at the end of the straight). And I took a look to that problem, and I saw that it was a random bug, sometimes I could get 95% of the power, sometimes 98%, sometimes 100%, sometimes much less. I made sure that the problem wasn't here for my tests, and I started with not much envy to

Immediatly I got a time in 1:14,6 at the beginning of the stint. The car became a bit less stable then but I could reach easily and quickly low 14s. Also I saw that I was reaching 2 km/h more than usually (303/304), without taking to much risk, I was feeling very good. I was very confident.

But stupidly I didn't make any check before the race (how idiot I am !).
In the warm-up I never could see my real pace because often people were leaving and entering the session, and my best was 1:14,3 (reaching 302/303).


At the beginning of the race, I immediatly saw that I wasn't able to follow Roy (anyway I think he was faster this time, really outstanding performance he did !). This started my disappointment. When everything was clear after the start I tried to catch my usual pace, but I could never do this all along the race (I was reaching only 300/301 at the end of the long straight). It was very hard to go under the 15s. My best lap was very longtime 1:14,9, and then 1:14,8, when I spent all my energy trying to find again my pace (I thought with the adrenaline of the race I could find it again though the throttle problem), and I could catch a 1:14,6, doing a very risky lap,

like I can do in my qual tests to see the capacities of the car. The pressure + the disappointment + the concentration made me more and more tired on that sinuous track. I remember that last year in

my tests when I was attacking all a stint I couldn't keep on the race with full concentration, so this track is really hard for this.
When I restarted of my pit-stop I was still

second, but I never could go under the 15s, and very rarely low 15s. At this time I figured out that with less fuel than in my last year stints, I was almost 1 second over my pace ! That's ridiculous, and it's difficult to accept that we regress one year over precedent. It made me moreover despited. Argh, and the 3 or 4 attemps till the end of the race to regain motivation (because after some time of thinking about my race I found out that 90% of my bad race was due to my despite, tireness and lack of concentration).
The tireness was getting more and more important, and in the log you will see that my lap times decrease constantly till the end of the race. The only thing I could at one moment was to block a bit Fausto Pappalardo during two laps (in the race I was just ahead him before he stopped), even if I thought it was not necessary for Christian to make it. I finnished second just in front of Christian and Fausto, but at one moment in the race I was 20 seconds ahead them, and they caught me. Also being in a good form till the end of the race I think I could have been 10 seconds behind Roy at the end, but here I couldn't. Nonono I'm not happy of my race

You should think that I see darkness everywhere, but I'm still happy to have saved the second place and to see Christian on the podium again (really good job mate, especially that you were at 100% of your potential). And congrats to Dejan that he finnished one more time again

Thank you all.

Yannick Lapchin for Hernj Grand Prix Press