Europe GP: Yannick Lapchin....our Future!

Yannick Lapchin : Before the race I did some online tests with Joshua, and it was obvious that he was a lot faster than me. Though I was confident, I had to avoid absolutly the little mistake that could cost me some important places in the race.
We started with a warm-up, and I was the fastest driver with a lap of 1:32,1 if I remember. Really motivating for the race.
At the first turn I was pretty prudent, and I lost one place, Max passing me. With Joshua (first) and Dominik (second) we were 4 to run together

in the first lap. But at the beginning of the lap 2, Max made a mistake and lost his 3rd place. Then we were 3 to run in 32s regulary, and we could do a big lead enough quickly, more than 10 sec in front of Adry. Around the lap 15 I discovered that almost everybody had the same strategy, 3 pit-stops. I missed my first pit-stop and I was then more than 5 seconds behind Dom. In my second stint, I saw Greg gain the 4th place, and I could gain also some seconds to Dom. At the end of this stint I was 2 or 3 seconds behind Dom.

Again I missed my pit-stop because of a team problem. That's not a problem in fact. I was not as clear as I should be before the race saying at what lap I should have stoped. In fact I wanted to stop 2 laps later than Christian, because I knew that he was pretty slower than me, and I thought that I should have lapped once at the end of the race. Effectively, this happened, moreover with his unlucky accident at


The start

the start he had chosen to do his pit-stops one lap later, thinking that the gap between us was too strong to have any problem in the pits. He was right, but the gap between us was 1min20sec yet and because I hadn't said that I stopped 2 laps later I was stopped behind him at the pits during 5 seconds. It's only my fault, or even the bad luck.

2nd Lap: Max's mistake

  It's not a big problem, but paniking I might have finnished the race here, if I didn't think about clutch. Fortunately this hadn't happened and I could continue the race. I restarted 8 seconds behind Dom, and during the third stint I could catch him some 4 seconds.
With the last pit-stop (I think his pit-stops were pretty faster than mine) I restarted again 6 or 7 seconds behind him and I had to do the forcing if I would have any chance to get the second place. It was funny =D !

I got some very good times in the last stint, with several 1:32,0 and once 1:31,9 (I hope it is the best lap). In the last laps, I was catching much more than the beggining, and maybe his brake problems began yet.

  In the last lap I was only 2 or 3 tenths behind him, and because of 2 weeks of hard working I wouldn't do any attack, just let him be under the pressure. Before the last chicane I was pretty happy of my supposed 3rd place, but suddenly in the braking zone he lost really his brakes, and couldn't keep the car control. He spun and didn't kept his 2nd place. I finnished 2nd in the last lap =D ! That was pretty amazing !
Also because his spin spent only 2 second, if I did forced in the last stint, I should have finnished 3rd. That's really enjoying !

After some donuts with Joshua (he makes it better than me, surely he is more used to do it), I want to thanks all my team, and one more time again all the people who is supporting me. Congrats to Kiwi Boys, and also to Christian, to have finnished the race with all his problems.
Thank to Dom's brakes ;p lol !"


Last chicane: Dom lost brakes

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