Hungary GP: Lapchin lose cause FSR's Server

Yannick Lapchin : We qualled twice. Dom had to be penalised in these quals so he couldn't do the pole. I thought the main drivers who could do the pole were Joshua, Adry, Michael and Greg. Greg crashed, Michael and Adry were over the 14s and Joshua was a bit slower than me. It was the first time I had such chance to do the pole position. I did it, twice, but Dom was faster twice too. I'm not very proud of that, but anyway get a pole is fantastic, especially when you do that twice !

So we started, after many problems of servers and of drivers who crashed, the red flag appeared 3 times in those two week ends. We did a rolling start. It was a good thing for me, because Joshua wasn't able to overtake me in the first turn. After many laps, I saw that my strategy of 2 stops wasn't bad, because Joshua was as fast as me, and enough if he did 2 stops I got an advantage in the first 20 laps. Joshua was in fact on a 3 stops strategy (I guess it is, or maybe it is his unfortunate drive through penality). The race was very good for me, and at this time I understood that it was the best chance I had to win I've never had.

Then in the lap 22, I was 20 seconds in front of Josh, the incident happened. I was overlapping Allan, but he didn't see me because of a bad connection btw us, and he hitted me. I spun, but nothing broken. I was still first. In the lap 26, again this incident with Allan, but this time I lost my front wing. I stopped (fortunately my strategy wasn't disturbed) and restarted 6th. I was enjoying the fight with Dom (4th) and Michael (5th), when Michael spun and stopped (damn) and Allan, for the third time, forced me to go outside. Then I could pass him, and this incident was closed, ouf ! So I was 6 sec behind Dom and was absolutly attacking to overtake him before the end of the stint, or get closer to pass him in the pits. Then Fausto, Adry and Greg stopped. Josh stopped too, and appeared just in front of me. I could overtake him at lap 50, and I was still catching Dom. Then we all stopped, and at 20 laps of the end, I was just behind Dom and Josh was just behind me. This fight was great, thx guys for that !
But in the lap 69, my brakes broke because I attacked too much to catch the leaders. I stopped here.

I think it was my best race of the year so far, because I fought all my best, especially at the end. About performance, without showing off I think I was the fastest in the race, but not in the qual (Dom was). It wasn't my first win, and I'm not upset of that. I showed a good pace and that's all. The win isn't here that's no problem, it will happen very soon, I hope ! It was a funny race too, and on a track I don't like a lot, I got much good time, especially thx to online racing. I'm a bit disappointed that Christian has so much problem atm, I know words aren't good in that situation, and the only thing that can fix up this problem is to race. So Christian, plz do your best to be able to race asap ! It is very important for me and for the team. Andy could do a great race here, and I will miss him in next races, thank you Andy for the help, and sorry you didn't race =(. Thx also for all my team, they did a great work, and I think they have done the main part of my pace. Really thank you !

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