Germany GP: Lapchin save the Team

Yannick Lapchin : During qualifyings, I needed to be safer than in England, and I didn't attack too much. I think it was the same for Dom and Josh, because finally, we finished both about 7 tenth slower than our best training laps. I started third, not so bad...
Then the warmup. I noticed that a 100 meters FIA pannel was missing in turn two, and i trained to find the break point without it.
There was no problem at the start of the race for me. The positions staid the same, but at the second corner, I attacked Dom a little and he

missed the breakpoint because there was no brake marker, I think. I don't know what happened to Adry, and I saw at the end of the first lap than the third was Benjamin, who was driving pretty fast. In front of me, Josh was calm, and I staid behind him, without difficulties. It was my first mistake, because, in fact, Josh had much more fuel. I understood it too late. After my first pit-stop, I attacked , and I finished to be 8 behind Josh when the second pit-stop arrived. At this moment , I could choice between two strategies. The first one : To finnish the race (31laps) in the same stint. And try to stay in front of Josh after his second pit-stop. The second : To keep the normal strategy with 3 pit-stops, and to attack a lot to try to pressure him. I chose the second one. I became first when Josh returned to the pit for the second time. Then I attacked and attacked again. But Josh is a really great driver, and finished 8 seconds in front of me, finally. I'm satisfied to see that my level is the same with F1-C that with F1-2002. I think that we both have to congrat FSR admin team, because the game was satisfying, and there were not too much lags. Maybe it would be better not to qualify on-line the same day than the race... We don't have any news about Christian, who missed the race. i suppose that he had problems with his computer. I hope that everything will be allright for him at Hungary.

Hernj Grand Prix Press