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03.08.2004 - France GP:   2nd position for Yannick

was really happy about my quals, and I did one tenth better I was wishing as the best. And I learnt that we hadn't the right to go on the tarmac at the right side of the track before the first left turn. Last year we had, in the real F1 they have, this is really absurd (the rule saying that we can go off track while two wheels stay on, kerbs being considered as the track, white lines replacing the kerbs when they don't exist).

There was a polemic about this before the race on the forum, but I didn't see anything official saying that we hadn't the right to go on this part of the track. Damnit they let me start only 11th.

The start of the race is very quick, and after only some turns I can reach the 4th place. I saw Christian in difficulties at Adela´de. I was amazed ! I cought quickly Fausto, without managing to overtake him. In fact he was driving in the low 12s, and he had a very good max speed, that forced me to stay behind him during long time. Just before to go to the pits for the first time, I tried an attack at Adela´de. I was on the inside, he was on the outside. I knew that it would have been hard to overtake him here. I thought he was better on this turn because he had a larger race line, but he spun at the exit, and he was suddenly just in front of me.
That was so quick that I couldn't avoid him, and I lost my front wing Trying to stay on the track I lost several seconds till I stop.


Then I restarted 5 seconds behind Fausto, and I cought him quickly again. Unhappily I entered to fast the first right turn, and I went off track for some seconds. I cought Fausto again just before to go to the pits, and I could overtake him while I stopped During this time Gareth or Roy made a mistake and I restarted 2nd almost 30 seconnds behind Josh. Till the end of the race, I wanted to reduce this gap if he had to do an extra pit stop. Of course he didn't, but I could decrease the gap of 10 seconds. At the lap before the last one, Josh beat my best lap (1:11,085). Atm I decided to attack and I managed a 1:11,056 in the last lap, while he spun trying to go in the 10s. I finnished the race not far away behind him. I'm very happy of the result because I managed to do a good result with some problems. Thank you my team again

I will start my Silverstoe tests today after more than one week of vacations.

Yannick Lapchin for Hernj Grand Prix Press