Canada GP: Podium for Lapchin

Before the race I was really unconfident, because my lap times in practise shown us that I wasn't really easy with the car, and my lap times weren't as good as I epected. When I saw that the race might be held sunday, it was not a so bad thing, because it let me enough time to practise again. I talked a lot with Roald saturday morning, and told him that I was ready for a race at sunday, and even it was good for me.
Finally I didn't feel good in my practise saturday morning, so I went back speak to Roald to explain that I couldn't find the motivation to practice

anymore. When he told me that the race could be held saturday afternoon. Not so bad again, because anyway, I didn't want to practice anymore. So to go immediatly to the race was exiting, and then "we will see". I knew what I had to do, only finnish the race, AWAP.

I've tested my setup on a full race and I knew that the brakes should stay good till the finnish. The only thing I wanted was to keep some places in the race, to hit some little points. I knew also that maybe there should be a lot of DNF because of brakes. Unfortunately I wasn't right.

I went to the server, and I started to practice online. Wow, immediatly a good 1:17,1 ! I don't know why, I felt very good at this moment, and I got the 5th place in the warm up, and because I knew that I should do only 2 stops, it was very good for the race. The race started. Fortunately I wasn't involved in the accident of the start, and I could get the 3rd place in the first turn passing Greg Barber. It was obvious that I was slower than the kiwi drivers, and Greg pass me in the lap 3. I was in front of Benjamin and behind Greg till the end of my first stint. Everybody had a 3 (or even 4) pit-stops strategy and us (with Christian) only 2. So I get the first place during some laps in the race, and I recognize it was really exiting.

Greg was often fighting with Adry, and in my second stint, I was fighting with them. Great moments guys ! But I knew that I had a better strategy than them, so I could finnish in front of them. At this moment till around the lap 50-55 I thought I finnish 3rd, that was an exiting result, and great for me and for the team.
At the lap 50-55, Joshua, who was in front of me (about 10 sec), stoped for the 4th time, which let me get the 2nd place ! Seeing that, maybe


Dominik stop too, so maybe a win for me ! But even a second place was fantastic, and I had to concentrate a lot to preserve the brakes, and to avoid absolutly a mistake. When we finnished :p I felt estatic, I couldn't believe that !

My computer worked very well, and this is a great thing because I began to be angry against it lol. I will receive a better equipment soon, and I should haven't any problem from now :D

I'm of course really happy for the team, and even if Christian couldn't do a very good race, he made a great job, and he has done the most important thing, finnishing the race. Very good result for the team, and I have to thank all the (test) drivers and enginers for them help, especially Andy, and Brian who are always helping us and doing a great job. And thank to Randy Lyon, Joshua and Roald, who are very nice with me, and who are always encouraging me to get the most results in a race

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