Yannick Lapchin: What happen?

Yannick lost the connection in lap 65, 6 laps before the end of the race, after more than 100 minutes of tests without a problem. In effect this is not the first time where our fastest Driver Yannick was stopped by a connection trouble.

After the first times, he tested a lot to find the hardware trouble, and as last he fixed it before the Spain Grand Prix. But it happened again!

It was a funny race, with a flying start because of problem of grid formation. Yan took a good start but in the lap 4, he craked under the pressure of Greger and made a little mistake.
After that he was 4th (Adry and Max passed too.) It was obvious that the low downforce was not as good as he hoped. After that, Max lost his rear wing before the first pit stop. Markus was fast, and stayed behind Yan between 1 and 5 seconds all along the race. When the connection stopped, Greger was first, Adry 15sec later, Yan 10 sec behind Adry and Markus 2 sec behind Yan. So Yan could have finnished 11th or 12th of this race... Not a lot of points have been lost.

Now back to the connection trouble:
Yannick will change some hardwares which will allowe him to be ready for the Monaco Grand Prix.
He said to us: "I have 15 days to restore a good hardware, don't worry, I will find the solution....between I send you my latest work for the Monaco GP, which I made some weeks ago"

We are sure to see Yannick ready at Monaco, and hungry.....!!

Between the Hernj Grand Prix Team whish him a successful Karting race.

Hernj Grand Prix Press